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In the Present

I’m taking my time,
entering the present,
allowing the nature
of my surroundings
to gather gently,
drift in slowly,
like the soft glow 
of restful luminosity.

I inhale deeply 
the favored scent
of Ponderosa Pine;
the bark and needles
warmed by afternoon sun.

Quieting myself,
the chorus of birdsong
becomes more noticeable;
amplifying the joy
inside my soul.

Like a silvery veil of rain
drifting over distant foothills,
and nourishing the pines,
I bathe in the shower of words
offered by the Holy Spirit.

I am moved by sight, scent, and sound,
and a sense of his presence within.

© 2014 Richard Havenga

Photo Locations:

1. & 4. Tin Cup, Colorado (Colorado)

2. Rocky Mountain National Park, (RMNP) Colorado

3. Home Woods – Cannonsburg, Michigan (Michigan)