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The Promise II

Imagine January

14 inches of snow on top of 14 inches of ice. Below the ice, five feet of 34° water. Below that, 14 inches of black silt. Below that, in the firm bottom of the lake, the dormant root of the White Water Lily.

how long
can it hold
the promise
while buried
under silt?

rising from
the black bottom
of the lake
through cold,
dense water,

surging unseen
through dark water,
a soft green rope
climbing toward
the light

how many weeks

how many
cold water days
spent searching?

now, flat, floating flags
of glossy greenness,
rounded to perfection,
precede the purity
of flowers, 

finally emerging;
plump, moist buds
break the surface,

smooth fingers
eager to deliver
the promise,

ready to release
the long-held

to display 
His glorious splendor,

to return again
as promised,

to reflect
the beauty
of love and light
to the world,

to rise
from the
murky darkness,

to reproduce,
and recreate
on earth,

soft petals
arching like
new moon crescents,

silently drawn

                                by the pull    
                                of a promise fulfilled.
©  2014  Richard Havenga

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Photo Locations:

Pickerel Lake,  Kent County,  Michigan

McCarthy Lake,  Kent County,  Michigan 

Lilley Lake,  Newaygo County,  Michigan

Freedom Park,  Naples Florida