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 Which field marks do like better?

That distinctive patch of white on his cheek? 
Or the fine black pin stripes making him look sleek?

The greenish-black head and neck of the male? 
Or the rusty-red helmet worn by the female?

The bright orange feet visible in flight? 
Or the spectacular eye catching the light?

Equally at home stroking upstream with webbed feet;

or zipping through blue sky on wings so fleet.

Gliding fast and low over the ice floe. 
Waiting for this long, cold winter to go.

Soon courting, then mating, and nesting, so; 
a few more little Goldeneyes will grow.

Common GoldeneyeBucephala clangula

Photo Locations:

Pentwater River,  Pentwater,  (Pentwater)  Michigan (Michigan)

Sable River,  Ludington State Park,  (Ludington State Park)  Michigan