Future Prayer

The river is now collecting
yellow leaves.
They are falling and giving 
a kind of grace 
to the woman watching.

She listens for their joining,
the welcome reception,
the soft touch of
leaf upon water,
the easy change of life. 

Accepting the new direction.
Living in the present.
Carried by the gentle current
to a new place 
of awareness. 

Grateful for this 
fragment of time 
flowing by without words,
she accepts the grace given,
watches more leaves land on the river.

One leaf
~its petiole pointing toward Heaven~ 
touches her soul gently,
like a future prayer
that could be answered.

© 2014 Richard Havenga
Photo Locations:

1. & 2. Rogue River – (Rogue) Kent County, Michigan

3. Grand River – (Grand) Kent County, Michigan


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