The grassy fields are fading,
greens to browns, paling.

becoming brighter,
showy in August,
dominating September.

Long, sunny days remembered,
as hints of autumn appear.

Sumac collecting color,

from a palette like no other. 

©  2014  Richard Havenga

Click on photos to enlarge.

#1, #3, #4 Canada GoldenrodSolidago canadensis

#2 Showy Goldenrod – Solidago speciosa

#5 Smooth SumacRhus glabra

#6 Staghorn SumacRhus typhina

Photo Locations:

1. Wabasis Lake Park, (Wabasis) Kent County, Michigan

2. Townsend Park, (Townsend) Kent County, Michigan

#3,  #4. Home Woods 

#5. Home Garden

#6. Parnell, Michigan


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