Mayapple Memories

Dedicated to Aaron Havenga and Sarah Havenga Partin

When I was a small boy
I walked into the woods,
to lie down on the ground,
and inhale the rich smell
that the spring soil exhaled.

I crawled carefully on my belly
beneath these little green umbrellas,
and peeked into this miniature world;
a quiet and secret place,
discovering my love of nature.

When I became a man, and
a father to my son and daughter,
I took them into this woodland world
when they were four and five
to watch their imaginations come alive.

Now, as I write, and my memory grows older,
I shed slow tears upon these words,
while thinking about my  little boy and little girl
making their own Mayapple memories
so many spring seasons before today.

©  2014  Richard Havenga

You may enjoy another, related post from April 28, 2012 called: Inside the Mayapple Colony

Photo Location:  Home Woods


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