At the Edge

Spending your days
finding food.
Your one true vocation.

at the edge of the sea
where humans long to be
on their short vacations.

You walk daily in this place
along the tapered, sandy shore,
gleaning the thin skim of water,
where continents greet oceans.

Your spindly legs
running past,
running fast.
Legs an intermittent blur;
a cartoon-like whir.

back and forth,
along the froth,
patrolling the line of foam
for fresh organisms;
rolling in,
rolling in
©  2014  Richard Havenga
Photo Locations:
1. & 3.  Sunset Beach, North Carolina (N.C.)
2. 4. & 5.  Point Reyes National Seashore, (Point Reyes) California
Click on photos to enlarge.
Willet – Catoptrophorus semipalmatus


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