Fragments of Poetry 10

“To the abandoned fields
The trees returned and grew.
They stand and grow. Time comes
To them, time goes, the trees
Stand; the only place
They go is where they are.
These wholly patient ones
Who only stand and wait
For time to come to them,
Who do not go to time,
Stand in eternity.
They stand where they belong.
They do no wrong, and they
Are beautiful. What more
Could we have thought to ask?
Here God and man have rest.”  *

* from poem: “Sabbaths 2000IX ” from: Given – Poems by Wendell Berry  © 2005

Photo Location: Planada, California


2 thoughts on “Fragments of Poetry 10”

  1. Amy:

    Thank you. I like your succinct summary.

    Imagine all the inspirational phrases that could be printed upon this black and white (or sepia) photograph, and turned into a poster.

    However, I prefer it untouched and wordless. A place for the imagination to wander through.




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