Willow’s Shadow

yellow-green willow branch
once mangled by winter ice
now stretches over current
thrives in heavy heat
backlit by morning sun

caddisflies converge
into sunlit cloud
over warm water
a dense mass of life
briefly alive

swallows and waxwings
patrol upstream, downstream
from north bank to south bank
devouring the swarming hatch
this abundant harvest of summer

under the willow’s shadow
small river joins large river
their joining
smooth as summer heat
quiet as morning light

Photo Location:

Confluence of Flat River and Grand River – Lowell,  Michigan


8 thoughts on “Willow’s Shadow”

  1. I have to remember that somethings thrive in this summer heat. Photography stunning per usual — your finger on the shudder captures beauty that most of our purusals probably miss. Thanks! And, oh, yes, the writing is not too shabby — to understate things! Thanks so much Rich Tom W.


  2. Tom:

    Thank you Tom. I am thriving in the warm atmosphere of your gracious comments.

    Time spent outdoors, with keen awareness, produces results… if I'm patient. In other words, when I'm out exploring with my camera, I enjoy a well-developed capacity for dawdling.



  3. Carol:

    Thank you for your gracious remarks.

    I was certainly blessed to be able to capture this photograph. I worked through several, several revisions of this poem to find the words that would be as “smooth as summer heat,” and as “quiet as morning light”.




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