The Vessel

 Observe this intricate weaving:
This insect-trapping snare.
This delicate dish of silken threads.
This vessel of water molecules.
This string of magnificent jewels.
This symmetrical basket of mist.
This collection of diamonds upon the earth.
Who could possibly determine their worth?

 Photo Location:
Snake River,  Grand Teton National Park,  (Tetons)  Wyoming  (Wyoming)


6 thoughts on “The Vessel”

  1. Great poetry Dad! Your skills continue to evolve with every post. I'm so glad I was able to spend last week with you as you worked on this poem. I am so blessed to be Father Nature's daughter! : ) Thanks for passing your love of God, nature and writing on to me.


  2. Sarah:

    Thank you, my dear, sweet daughter.

    Love of God, nature, and writing offers many opportunities for creativity. Who would have thought I would become a Poet in my mid-sixties?

    Your words motivate me to continue my writing journey.




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