The Invitation

the land has warmed
under a higher sun
trees now flower
in longer light

a palette of pastels
slides slowly north
climbing the latitudes
with gradual change


subtle shades appearing,
advancing, leaping
like green flames
into vibrant spring


are you attentive
to the present,
ready to honor
the invitation?


are you aflame
with passion
for this season
you’ve been waiting for?


are you prepared
to accept with grace
these gifts
sent from God?

Click on any photo to enlarge

Photo Locations:

Ada Township, Cascade Township, Grattan Township, Plainfield Township – Kent County; Michigan.

Grand River (Grand) & Thornapple River (Thornapple)

Bunker Interpretive Center – Calvin College (Calvin) – Grand Rapids, (GR) Michigan (MI)

Sugar Maple – Acder saccharum
Shad Bush, Serviceberry, Juneberry – Amelanchier canadensis
Black Willow – Salix nigra
Weeping Willow – Salix babylonica


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