Dividing Light

cool fog smothers melting March ice
sweet serenity broken briefly by
fabric of feathers whooshing vapor
slicing through the soft silver air

hear the rush of its broad wings
whew, whew, whew, whew…
resonant, throbbing,  fanning forward
whew, whew, whew, whew…

this ethereal sound of Spirit, breathing 
I Am
this great white bird
this white cross dividing the light
providing the grace, giving the gift.
I Am
the sacrifice.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Mute Swan  (Cygnus olor)

Photo Location:

Petty’s Bayou,  (Petty’s)   Spring Lake,   (Spring Lake)   Michigan  (Michigan)

Try this YouTube recording of the wing beat of a Mute Swan: 

(suggest play 3:00 to 4:30)


10 thoughts on “Dividing Light”

  1. Santiago:

    I'm sure you have heard this special sound. For me, it's a spiritual experience; too beautiful for words, yet I tried to put into my poem what I feel when I hear this.

    Did you listen to the YouTube video?



  2. Stunning.
    Your prose, sublime.
    Can we possibly fathom Heaven- when we've been gifted such beauty on earth?
    Loved the video link.

    -Fellow Seeker


  3. Seeker (Suzanne):

    Thank you so much for your kind words of recognition.

    We, still here on earth, cannot comprehend what God has in store for us. I await with eager anticpation the opportuity to explore His many rooms.




  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this image, Bro (course I may be biased — you're my brother and it's our front yard. LOL!
    Nice work!!! Love the poem, too!


  5. Marie:

    Thank you very much. I kept waiting for the fog to set up with your SE horizon. Then, I was gifted with this pair of Mute Swans slicing through. The sound is absolutely surreal, as you heard in the YouTube.

    Thanks for the opportunity to use the bayou by you.

    Mark put a post from WWFN onto the Grand Haven Tribune website, and promises more in the future. Spring Lake and Grand Haven offer so many possibilities.




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