Crystals of Bear Creek

Crystals of Bear Creek
I took a walk along Bear Creek this week.
Alone in Townsend Park  for a closer look.
Sunny, blue skies, calm,  fourteen degrees.
Gratefully spending this precious gift of time.
Giving the Glory to God  for His creation.
Down on my knees on the frozen ground.
Leaning over the edge of the stream bank.
Cautiously hovering over paper-thin ice.
Wading upstream in the cold, clear current.
I want to share this collection of gifts with you:

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Photo Location

Bear Creek,  (Bear Creek)  Townsend Park,   (Townsend

Cannonsburg,  (CannonsburgMichigan  (Michigan)


6 thoughts on “Crystals of Bear Creek”

  1. That's it Santiago:

    Keep your battery charged, and camera ready.

    I was out shooting more crystals this morning… the temperature climbed from minus 8, to minus 2 degrees! My fingers didn't last long, but it was another marvelous piece of creation to witness, and to share.



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