Waiting to Sail

Waiting to Sail
powerful cumulonimbus
updrafts surging skyward
approaching from the northwest

base clouds darken and threaten
rain falling on ridgeline
imminent oncoming storm
solidly anchored to bottom
sailboat ready for windshift
waiting to sail tomorrow

(Click on photo to enlarge)

Photo Location:  Flathead Lake,  (Flathead)  Big Arm,  Montana (Montana)


4 thoughts on “Waiting to Sail”

  1. Rich, your words are beautiful. It sounds like you are an old time sailor. As far as Montana is concerned, I have spent much time there and am awed by what our great Creator has done.

    Your friend,


  2. Bud:

    I am definitely not a sailor. My only experience being on Al's catamaran on Crystal Lake, MI, which is 1.5 X 6 miles. But Flathead Lake is 7 miles by 30 miles!

    Yes, we've both spent much time in Montana; it draws you in, entices you to return; makes you love the Big Sky country.

    Give the Glory to God! “G3”



  3. Rosie:

    Thank you. I love Montana very much. I would like to see Scotland's Big Trees.

    Not that size matters, but in land area, Montana is nearly five times larger than Scotland:

    147,165 sq. miles vs. 30,420 sq. miles ( 78,789 sq. km.) I'm just sayin'.



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