Photo Haiku – Writing Contest 2

It’s your turn to write.
Create a three-line Haiku
for each photograph.


Haiku Guidelines:

First line = 5 syllables
Second line = 7 syllables
Third line = 5 syllables

Please submit entries into the “Comments” section at the bottom of this post.

Facebook submissions not accepted.

Emailed submissions are an option. (

Good luck. Good skill. Good writing to you.

Winners will be announced in a future post.


4 thoughts on “Photo Haiku – Writing Contest 2”

  1. Gene:

    Thanks for your Haiku entry; it's a good one. Might as well go after Colorado with your good writing skills.

    Is that a Doctor's coat you're wearing? Where are you from? Reply to these two questions by Email please.



  2. Dad! I hope I'm not too late! Here are my Haiku Contest entries:


    Ancient red rocks watch
    cloud fingers reach across sky
    gather in the blue


    Crescent moon of snow
    feeds lush green mountain valley
    life-giving water

    I also have a funnier one for Colorado:

    Stored up in snow banks
    trickle-down economics
    stimulating growth

    There ya have it! If I possess even a shred of your writing talent, I may have a chance of winning! They say “the apple don't fall far from the tree”, eh, Father Nature? ; )


    Daughter Nature : )


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