Enter the Picture

Enter the Picture

Don’t you feel invited
to walk into this place,
to feel the space
open around you,
absorb and surround you?

Can you picture yourself
with a hiking friend,
with a loyal dog,
or on a steady horse?

Wandering over
yellowed grassland
scattered with sage
and pockets of pine?

Planning a route,
finding a way,
changing direction,
enjoying the journey?

With hours to spend
exploring ravines,
and time to roam
these buffaloed hills?

Enter the picture.

Where are you now?
(Click on photo to enlarge)
Photo Location:  Theodore Roosevelt National Park,  (Teddy) North Dakota  (NoDak)

2 thoughts on “Enter the Picture”

  1. There, right there! What a lovely invitation. Finally the skies are blue again in Minnesota, but the green has gone, and I miss it. So nice to step into a photo where it will always be summer.


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