Last Hay Harvest

Last Hay Harvest
Aging rolls of hay
in cylindrical bales
waiting for pick up.
Autumn edges in
on rolling green field.
Last harvest this year.
(Click on photo to enlarge)
Photo Location:  Kalamazoo County,  Michigan


3 thoughts on “Last Hay Harvest”

  1. This one–both the image and the words–are beautiful, too. I swear, Richard, some times it is dangerous for me to be on the highways this time of year. I'm always always always looking toward the trees, mouth open.


  2. Emily:

    This photo is a year old, but the Poem is brand new.

    Me too, on the dangerous driver feeling. I'm forever composing photos as I drive. This year, I'm turning around more often, instead of letting a photo opportunity pass by… “We may never pass this way again” pushes me to do it now.




  3. What glorious colors, Richard! Autumn is such an amazing season. I truly think it's nature's time to “show off” as she takes her watercolor brush and dabs away at trees…some sienna here, a bit of burnt umber there, a splash of ochre and her favorite, and mine, that bright crimson. Then she gives her final touch with her mantle of green. Never ceases to amaze me, nor do you, my friend.

    Thank you,
    Gloria S.


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