Dawn’s Early Light

Handsome horses

gather to graze
on Elk Ranch Flats.
Teton’s rugged peaks
ghostly and surreal
rise above morning fog.
Pierce the sky
to receive
dawn’s early light.

Photo Location:  Grand Teton National Park,  Wyoming (Wyoming)

(Click on Photo to enlarge)


8 thoughts on “Dawn’s Early Light”

  1. Thank you Shirley.

    The Tetons are the epitome of mountain ranges.

    The colorful horses are available for you to ride at the ranch mentioned in the poem.

    I was blessed to have the opportunity to take this photograph. I like the different layers from front to back.


    Your favorite Brother, Rich


  2. Breath-taking shot, Dad! I love how the mountains appear to be floating like a mirage. The poetry is beautiful as well, “pierce the sky to receive dawn's early light” is a memorable image.




  3. Sarah:

    I like your “floating mirage” imagery. Mommy said that this is her favorite photograph in WWFN.

    Sometimes smoke and fog can produce surprising results. I was blessed to be there at the right time.




  4. You give such homage to the grandeur of nature, Rich – this is beautiful! The poetry so moving, and I agree with your daughter; “pierce the sky to receive dawn's early light” is fantastic imagery!

    Gracias, Gloria


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