This Moment

Seeing you

like this
the promise
wrapped within
your soft skin
of petals.

your future
a gift
of pure beauty.

This moment
this morning
grateful for
this blessing
of your
precious favor.

Wildflower:  Yellow Flag (Iris pseudacorus)

Photo Location:  Ada, (Ada) Michigan


6 thoughts on “This Moment”

  1. Santiago:

    “This Moment” is one of my all-time favorite poems. Probably because I did feel His “precious favor”. During the capture of the photographs; and again during the writing of the poem. Soon, I will post a series of my own favorite poems into one post.



  2. Teresa:

    I appreciate your gracious and kind words about my work. It is my mission to bring a greater awareness of nature to my readers and viewers.

    I am also honored to have you here reading and commenting at WWFN. Thank you for your encouragement, and for sharing WWFN with others.




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