Photo Haiku – Utah

                                   morning sun arrives
                                   touching tips of trees and stone
                                   rosy dawn below
                                         stenciled on sandstone
                                         sharp shadows in canyon depths
                                         time passes slowly
                                         weeping water wall
                                         streaking wash of minerals
                                         painted upon time
Photo Locations:
1 & 2 Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah
3 Zion National Park, Utah

8 thoughts on “Photo Haiku – Utah”

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, Richard. I particularly like the line “stenciled in sandstone.”

    You're doing a great job here!

    PS: I just added a Follower gadget TODAY, so you may be lapping me with your blog savvy. 🙂


  2. Emily:

    Many people pass by Cedar Breaks on their way to the more popular Zion. Fewer people at Cedar, especially early mornings; the time to capture these shots. Hope you can visit Utah someday.

    Thank you for liking my photos and writing. It's been enriching for me to communicate with a writer like you.




  3. Stunning photography, Daddy! Utah has a special place in both our hearts, I know. So glad I got to hike with you in Zion – the Narrows hike you & Mom & I did will stay with me forever.

    My favorite line this round is from the “Weeping Wall” photo, “painted upon time”. I love the more poetic ones, with vivid imagery.

    Keep 'em coming, Daddio! : )




  4. Sarah:

    Yes, Utah will always remain painted in our memories for all the hikes we've taken there as a family. Remember, we were in a current above our knees when I took that photo, during our wade up the Virgin River in “The Narrrows”.

    Thanks for “liking” WWFN.




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