Find Your Place

I realize that readers of Nature Blogs will frequently be outdoors; looking at birds and bugs, wildflowers and wildlife, fish and frogs. Hopefully, parents will bring their children along to look and listen. To learn; to love their favorite fragments of nature.

Here in Michigan they may already know the bird calls of the early arrivals: Song Sparrow, Eastern Meadowlark, Sandhill Crane, Rufous-sided Towhee. They try to remember the sequence of early woodland flowers: Hepatica, Spring Beauty, Bloodroot, Yellow Fawn Lily.

Yellow Fawn Lilies
Concentrated listening can distinguish between Spring Peeper, Chorus Frog, and later the Gray Tree Frog.  
Gray Tree Frog

While walking outside you are fascinated by the way the light plays with the fog:

                                                                 … through the clouds…

                                                                    … in the trees…
                                                                   … on the water.
You know
from your own place,
your home place,
exactly where the sun
will rise on your horizon,
and the spot you expect it 
to set in the west;
growing the daylight.
You recall
your preferred place
to sit outdoors, to observe,
to absorb this glorious
new season unfolding.
Return to that place.
Be still.
Witness Spring
flowing in with freshness.
Feel it wash over you
like a stream of new life.

2 thoughts on “Find Your Place”

  1. Wow, Dad! This is my favorite one so far! Outstanding! Inspiring! Just returned from a hike along the Pacific Ocean, and thought of you. Ben & I were listening to the awesome sound of rocks rolling along the shore with every crashing wave. Amazing!


  2. Rich, I read every word and studied every picture with awe. It made me want to jump up from my computer and run outside into the woods! Thanks for sharing and keep it coming. Very inspirational.


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